Thursday, 1 July 2010

Restoration Work 2010 - Part 2

July now, and this is how far we have got. Thanks for all the supportive messages so far, nice to know Im not alone in wanting to restore this great old stadium! The difference already is obvious and have cleared over 215 feet now. The terracing is becoming really overgrown so will get started on that as soon as we have fixed up and painted the pitch wall.
We are looking for any old photos of the ground in its heyday as I am trying to get an idea of how each section of the ground would have looked pre 1967, so if you have any photos please email me.

August 2010
The first section of the pitch wall is now cleared of moss and vegetation and has been scraped back to it's original colour. 250 feet of history revealed! We are moving on to the 2nd section now which is also in a bad state. The wall has collapsed completely in places, which will be rebuilt in the coming months. Then the painting can begin!!