Saturday, 24 December 2011

New Photos Unearthed!!

Thanks to Jeff Holmes for sending in this amazing photograph emailed to him recently. In colour this shot from an unknown photographer presents a wonderful moment frozen in time from when the ground was in it's heyday and the advertising boards are fascinating. Good to see Frosties still going strong 40 years later ! This was the main entrance to Cathkin Park and the old Club Gates can be seen on the bottom left of the photograph. Hopefully there are more of this series around but I am so grateful to Jeff for sending in another piece of the Cathkin Park jigsaw.One can easily now see the strain on these gates when over 45000 turned up determined to get in to the Rangers game! If you have any photos of Thirds or of Cathkin Park from 1884 to 1967 please email them in and I'd be delighted to upload them.We are trying to reconstruct the ground as it was and need every photo of every angle of the ground that we can get!

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Official Club Sponsors

We are delighted to report that the Official Shirt Sponsors for Third Lanark are GREAVES SPORTS. The oldest family run sports retailer and one of the oldest names in world football have joined together and is the start of what we both hope will be a long and happy union. The First XI and Under 16s have their new jerseys already and we have ordered the new Second XI shirts too. Made by Adidas, the new kits home & away look fab and the lads are delighted with them.

Many, many thanks to Stephen McCrainor and to

Sandy Greave for this wonderful sponsorship and

we are entering into our official Centenary year of 2012 now in some style. Interestingly Lumleys, now a part of Greaves were the kit suppliers to 3rds in the last days of Cathkin Park and were one of the creditors at the close! Mercifully this was settled out of court at the time, otherwise we could have had a big bill to settle ! The Club hopes that these jerseys will be available on request to buy in Greaves stores and so if you would like to get your hands on one please email the Club on and we will pass on all request to the store. The perfect Christmas gift! We have some new merchandising on it's way too and the Supporters Club is now up and running. Check out the 3rd Lanark Supporters Club on Facebook for updates. Membership worldwide is only £10.00 per year. Further sponsorship opportunities are also available on the Club Website so please get in touch as lot's happening now with Third Lanark and our quest to return to playing at Cathkin Park.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Cathkin Latest....

Frustrated by bad weather for the past four weeks as too much rain has made the repainting of the ground impossible, so we have been busy simply clearing the rubbish from the terraces and pitch area. Very disappointed to note that cars have been driven over our revered pitch and deep scars remain despite the Council's attempts to fill the holes with sand and soil. The pitch looks unplayable at present and desperately needs replaced and the drainage repaired on the South wings and corners. The Council Community Safety vans have been round regularly and succeeded in reducing the gang activity this autumn and winter so far in the park, however there is still drug dealing and taking going on regularly. This, allied to the joy-riders on the pitch just stresses the need for the park gates to be locked-up at night and for a decent long-term plan for the regeneration of this old ground to be worked out. We hope that ours will be the way forward. At the moment 3rds remain scattered around the West Region, in Cambuslang, Netherpollock & Huntly...the Third Lanark diaspora continues!