Tuesday, 30 November 2010

November 2010 Press

Many thanks to Gregor at the Southside Extra for this lovely piece. Every week we are getting more and more interest in our club and our plans for the redevelopment of the ground. I have been battling through the snow all weekend to clear more sections of the pitch wall, but painting is out of the question at present!! I have been doing a few fact finding missions lately checking out other Junior and amateur grounds in Glasgow and Edinburgh and it has been inspiring to see what can be done with simple grit and determination and a love of football, regardless of budget!! We have over 2000 signatures on the online petition and another 3000 on paper so it is building and building. Look out for some more 'Celebs In Shirts'
coming soon..!
We have also been featured in a couple of English football magazines this month, including
GROUNDTASTIC and have had real support and encouragement from Exeter City FC and Luton Town, as well as good luck messages from almost every football club in Britain. The interest in Third Lanark from football people still amazes me and I think will give us a real change to properly restart this grand old club and to fully renovate it's crumbling, forgotten old stadium.