Thursday, 21 April 2011

The Proposal For Third Lanark's Return To Cathkin Park

Our Proposal for the Club's long awaited return to Cathkin Park has now been submitted to the current owners Glasgow City Council. Along with this 300 page document we handed in the first draft of the Online Petition which amounted to 3500 signatures when added to those already on paper. Many thanks to STV News, Scotland On Sunday, The Daily Record, The Evening Times, The Glasgow Herald,The Southside Extra,The Scotsman, BBC Radio Scotland's 'Off The Ball' and 'Beyond The SPL', The Courier,The Metro and The Sunday Mail for the wonderful blanket coverage they all gave us...much,much appreciated by all of us at Third Lanark Athletic Club. And thanks to the Chairmen of all the senior football clubs for the letters of support and for all of you who were kind enough to sign the Petition thus far. The online petition will continue as we seek to prove just how much public support we have behind our plans to move to Cathkin Park again. We have exciting times ahead in the upcoming months, so watch this space !

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Blue Monday 2..!!!!!

Returning to the ground on Sunday this was what greeted me...more vandalism and this time they really went to town ! Thanks to the Gorbals Young Team for this unwanted 'artwork'. Still, won't put us off and despite hundreds of pounds worth of paintwork damaged we have already begun painting over it all. Here's a few photos of the latest idiocy at Cathkin.

Sunday, 17 April 2011

April Latest...

A quick snapshot of the progress of our restoration work in April.

March Photos - 2011

Belated shots of the park in mid March when the snow appeared again ! We still soldiered on though and got another 30 hours of work done in that period, clearing rubbish and undergrowth from the stadium and doing what stonework we could, despite the freezing conditions. Here's a wee selection of the work from March - April 2011.