Friday, 4 March 2011

March 2011...Latest

Thanks to Michele Palilla for his sterling work this week again. Both he and Pat McGeady have cleared large sections of the moss from the West Terrace which is looking a lot better nowadays. More of the terracing and steps have been painted this week as well as another 30 feet of pitch wall. As you can see we are at long last into the final third of the 'Wall Phase.' Becoming a bit like the never-ending painting of the Forth Road Bridge this one, but looking great now and the finishing line is within sight. We have some exciting events coming up in March and April 2011 and will be launching our new Official Club Website and Supporters Association soon. Thanks to everyone who has supported Third Lanark already by signing our Petition to return to Cathkin Park. I'm delighted to report that it has over 3000 signatures now and still rising. A big hello and thanks to our friends from Leicester City FC, Chelsea FC and Nottingham Forrest FC who we met at Cathkin last week. This ground has a magic appeal that draws REAL football fans from across the world to it. Hopefully the work we are doing now will help insure it's long term future as one of the last examples of a perfect Victorian multi-sports stadium.


  1. Clearing those trees will be a huge challenge

  2. Heartwarming photos as usual. Keep them coming!

  3. Fantastic work getting done the guys are amazing John Sweeney