Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Restoration Latest - July 2011

This month's word is...'weeding'. All the terracing is overgrown again with bright green shoots bursting through the concrete again. Nature wants this place back but am determined to fight on! Have restarted on the East End track and pitch wall, which already needs a second coat and took advantage of the good weather to start clearing up the place again. Still, it's in better shape than this time last year !! There have been more bonfires on the East Terracing and the pitch wall written on again!


  1. What you are doing is amazing, do you know when you will be tackling the trees?

  2. proud of u i would like 2 help oot in 2 weeks but im 14 good with diy if u want ma help post bsck plz

  3. Hi Simon they say that Vinegar kills the weeds.