Saturday, 24 December 2011

New Photos Unearthed!!

Thanks to Jeff Holmes for sending in this amazing photograph emailed to him recently. In colour this shot from an unknown photographer presents a wonderful moment frozen in time from when the ground was in it's heyday and the advertising boards are fascinating. Good to see Frosties still going strong 40 years later ! This was the main entrance to Cathkin Park and the old Club Gates can be seen on the bottom left of the photograph. Hopefully there are more of this series around but I am so grateful to Jeff for sending in another piece of the Cathkin Park jigsaw.One can easily now see the strain on these gates when over 45000 turned up determined to get in to the Rangers game! If you have any photos of Thirds or of Cathkin Park from 1884 to 1967 please email them in and I'd be delighted to upload them.We are trying to reconstruct the ground as it was and need every photo of every angle of the ground that we can get!

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