Friday, 27 July 2012

Third Lanark Are Back At Cathkin Park..!!!!!!

We are delighted to announce that THIRD LANARK are to return to Cathkin Park in season 2012/2013. We have managed to secure a regular season long 'let' at our ancestral home and are honoured to report that every second Saturday between 2&4pm a Third Lanark XI will take to the field at this historic old ground. We have waited three years for this opportunity and worked and campaigned hard to return to the ground,now owned by Glasgow City Council and managed by Glasgow Life. We would like to thank Matt & Pat from our Supporters Club as well as all involved in 3rds Committees over the years for their sterling work in helping us go 'home'. May we also pass on our sincerest thanks to Lisa Rutherford at Glasgow Life for her help and assistance with the application and we will do all in our power to help restore and rebuild this wonderful sporting arena. We believe that this is an historic moment in our Club's rebirth and look forward to this upcoming season with even more optimism than ever before. Can we also thank everyone who has signed our petition and sent letters of support to the Club over the last months and years as every supportive comment has helped us to push onwards with our seemingly impossible dream.Without you and the depth of feeling still there in the game for the grand old name of 3rd Lanark this would not have been achieved. Football in Scotland has been through a torrid time recently and it's great to report a 'Good News' story at last! Clubs can and do come back from the dead,if there are still fans and good feelings towards them. What happened to Thirds in 1967 was dreadful,but hope springs eternal and from the ashes a phoenix arose in 2007 and is soaring high now in 2012,our 100th year of playing Association Football. Or should that read..'Hi-Hi'..?

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  1. My uncle was an avid Third Lanark fan. He was very embittered at what Hiddlestone, the club's "terminal chairman", did. After assuming power this "Fagin" went about ordering carpets, furniture, "for the boardroom" & so on when in fact he was plundering the club's coffers for HIMSELF. This arch-crook was never brought to account for this, as far as I know.