Sunday, 14 October 2012

Latest Press 2012 A huge thanks again to BACKPASS MAGAZINE on their continued coverage of Thirds return to Cathkin Park in this month's edition. Since the beginning of the season we have put a 3rd XI out on 5 occasions to play local saturday & sunday teams and select XIs at Cathkin Park as well as having 2 'Clear-Up Cathkin' days when the pitches were deemed unplayable. The playing surface is in poor condition and the times of our let mean that we do not have access to changing nor shower facilities, as nearby Holyrood closes at 3pm. So it has been a Herculean effort to just get games played there and Third Lanark would like to thank all of the players, referees & fans for really pulling together and making these events happen. All games have been played in great spirit and we are again battling the elements to improve the look of the ground, whilst we rebuild the football club and plans for the possible future of Cathkin Park are drawn up. Thirds are at Cathkin every saturday from 2pm, please come along and lend your support!

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