Wednesday, 12 May 2010

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Every morning I can be found training on the old blaize running track. Doing this for a few weeks I noticed the state of the wall surrounding the pitch. A bit of research later I found it was the original wall. I have now set about trying to clear 4 decades of moss and graffitti from the surface and to patch up the holes that have been kicked in by neds, as well as clearing the remaining terraces of leaves and broken glass. 'Finds' this week include a smashed bathroom sink and a hoover!! God only knows what goes on here at night!! Thanks to fellow blogger illman who took this shot of the 'mossy walls!'.
To date we have now cleared 122 feet of the pitch wall, in preparation for repainting later in the summer of 2010. Every day we are clearing rubbish from the playing area and running track as well as now making a start on the South stand. The Council groundsmen have been kind enough to lend me brushes and bin bags recently and are as keen for something to happen with this grand old stadium as I am. Watch this space...!
A month on now, and we are over 160 feet of the pitch wall fixed and clear of the destructive moss! Still a long way to go though, but come rain or shine I'm there every day. Just wish I didn't have to clear so many booze bottles off the track and terraces every bloody day! So frustrating, but what can you do? Theres no security on site and it's a public park, but I hear that the local police are checking up on the place from time to time, so hopefully this will help. Spoke to a former Third Lanark ball boy today. He'd be heartbroken to see the old ground nowadays! Made me even more determined to do what I can to restore/preserve this former international football stadium.

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  1. Well done on the clear up work your doing.Many members of my dads family followed the Hi Hi's will be great to see them back playing at Cathkin.