Saturday, 29 January 2011

Restoration Update 2011

Thanks to Michele for his work midweek on the West Terrace. We got a lot done again this morning at Cathkin. Another 40 feet of pitch wall painted and track cleared. We painted another 8 crush barriers and have nearly finished the West End. Another few steps cleaned and painted as well and a decent full survey of the ground was recorded today, breaking the restoration points into segments for future work. More well sishers came by pleased to see the ground returning to life, all of which is much appreciated too.


  1. How are you going to clear all the trees and keep the terracing intact? BW Steve

  2. Hi Steve
    we plan to coppice the trees down to 3ft or so high, so as to get unrestricted viewing again around the ground. The long timbers could then be utilised into restoring the missing sections of terracing, filled in with ash as a temporary measure. Enviromentally this is a sound option.
    The problem we have is the huge roots underneath the terraces. These need removed asap...a big job!

  3. Thankyou for that, would this pass a safety inspection?, will you one day be able to fence the ground off and install turnstiles? what sort of cost are you looking at with a new stand built? Is the long-term plan a return to the league?
    Best of luck Steve

  4. Will update you soon on the above! Safety wise, no chance at present. Long term we are realistically looking at Junior football.