Saturday, 7 January 2012

Weather Damage at Cathkin Park 2012

Recent bad weather had left our old ground in a dreadful state, with 11 trees down and three across the playing surface. One huge tree has uprooted and collapsed the fence and floodlight of the 5-a-side court and there is a lot of damage there too. We contacted the Council and sent photos and they have swiftly restored the place so bravo to Glasgow City Council and their overworked tree surgeons! We have our plans to remove all of the trees at Cathkin and to completely restore and rebuild the ground(depending on permission) and so this latest 'Act Of God' has actually helped! 11 down, only 111 trees still to go! We were down clearing & chiopping branches last week and restored all of the public pathways again. We will get back into full restoration flow when the inclement weather improves!

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