Thursday, 26 January 2012

Pitch Damage

This playing surface was once the best in Britain. The grass came from Sweden and was replaced in the 1930s with more of the same. Ex-players still rave about the surface when the ground was in it's pomp. However recent events have taken

an unsavoury turn recently. Over the last three

weeks we have noticed that joyriders and boy

racers have been driving across the pitch at night. To turn the once famous pitch into a local

skid pan is galling and the grass is simply not recovering from last year's frozen snap. There are large deep holes in the pitch and it looks unplayable. Surely now Summer Football would be better for this pitch? We are pushing for a Summer League this season and would love to play on grass.However the grass surfaces all shut down during the summer. Next season we will again be applying to Glasgow Life to play our home Sunday League matches here at Cathkin again...but results will have to well as the playing surface.! December 2012 marks our 140th year as Third Lanark and our 100th as a football and athletic sporting club. We intend to be back playing at our old ground by that date. If you share our dream to play here again please sign our online Petition, join the Supporters Club and get involved in our Fundraising activities. We have some great new merchandise coming soon, sponsorship opportunities and Fundraising Events, so 2012 promises to be a really exciting Centenary Year.

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