Tuesday, 4 December 2012

3rd Lanark Centenary Dinner

As our official Centenary approaches we would like to invite all of our fans and well-wishers to join us in marking the date in which the football club was actually founded. On the 12th of December 1872 in the Regimental Orderly Room in East Howard Street a meeting of the 3rd Lanarkshire Rifle Volunteers proposed the formation of a football team.Private Broadfoot explained that the meeting was called for the purpose of organising, if possible, a Football Club in connection with the Third Regiment. He further reported that Lieutenant-Colonel H E Crum-Ewing, the majority of the Officers and twenty-five other members of the Regiment had signified their willingness to support such a club.
Sergeant Wilson then moved: "That we, the Members now assembled should form ourselves into a club, to be called the 3rd Lanark Rifle Volunteers Football Club." The motion was seconded by Private Taylor, and unanimously approved of. First to be debated was the 'uniform,' which was to consist of:
1) A scarlet Guernsey or Jersey (the colour of the regiment uniform) 2) Blue trousers or knickerbockers 3) Blue stockings

A subsequent meeting decreed that the number 3 should be displayed on the Guernsey

On the 12th of December 2012 we will be holding a Centenary Dinner in honour of our 100th year of football & the 150th Anniversary of the famous old Regiment. Come along and join us as our Sponsors The Langside Bar. Tickets can be purchased from the bar priced 10 pounds beforehand. We hope to see you there!

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