Friday, 7 December 2012

3rd Lanarkshire Rifle Volunteers

As we ascend toward our Centenary, we have been busy researching the origins of the football and athletic club. This has led to a fresh appraisal of the beginnings of the regiment of the 3rd LRV and the entire volunteer movement of the mid 19th Century. Chairman Simon Weir spent a fascinating morning in the Glasgow Museums Archive this week in the company of Mr Mark Roberts as they devoured the official regimental records and some fascinating artefacts.Not only that but a fascinating story is emerging of the beginnings of the 3rd LRV and why they were held in such high esteem by southsiders by the time the football club was constituted on the 12th December 1872.By 1908 and the latest Army Reforms the regiment was absorbed into the larger Cameronians, but their identity was cemented by their exploits with the Scottish Rifles(pictured above) in the 2nd Boer War in 1900... MUCH more to follow folks...!!!

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