Thursday, 12 August 2010

James Murray Estate Photos


  1. A Classic 1960 Press release photographic image,
    showing T.L.A.C. players Alexander Harley, Ian/Dave Hilley and another player all in team blazers; a Beaverbrook Press release image dated 3rd August 1960 showing training at Cathkin Park with 'Dave Hilley and Harley' on the box and another Press release image of a goal bound header on 'Record House' paper numbered 94681
    Note: to accompany this lot are the 'Minute of Agreements' or 'Players Contracts' between players Alexander Harley and Ian Hilley and T.L.A.C. dated 1959

  2. Memorandum and Articles of Association of The Third Lanark Athletic Club,
    filed with Register of Joint Stock Companies, on 4th January 1923 and including a Prospectus for the Capital £20,000 Shares floatation dated 22nd January 1923, numerous original share certificates dating originally from this floatation and later 'cashed in' and letters associated with these transactions from solicitors and individuals; and other stock transfer documents (a lot)

  3. Correspondence from other teams,
    letters from amongst others, St Mirren F.C. Limited 1960, East Stirlingshire F. & A.C. Limited 1960, Greenock Morton F. & A.C. 1958, Crewe Alexandra F.C. Company Limited 1959, Heart of Midlothian F.C. Limited 1960, regarding such issues as League Re-Construction, Player Transfers and Fees, and Proposed International Fixtures (10

  4. Two Third Lanark A.C. Limited 'HI-FI NEWS' Official Programmes,
    number 4-Third Lanark v. Celtic, League Cup, 14th September and number 9 Third Lanark v. Dundee, 9th November, fair condition and three various football programmes:- Hibernian v Third Lanark, 7th December 1957; Hearts v. Third Lanark, 25th January 1958 and Birmingham City v. Third Lanark, 27th May (Toronto) 1961, all in good condition (3)

  5. The Third Lanark Athletic Club,
    Complimentary match day Directors' Box ticket, used; a Strathclyde Football Club season 1962-63 Official's Season pass book issued to James Murray, in gilt tooled blue cloth in near mint condition; ten T.L.A.C. season 1962-63 Complimentary season pass books in gilt tooled pink cloth, some in near mint condition and all unallocated and unsigned-numbered 35,37,39,40,42,43,46,47,48 abd 50; a T.L.A.C. £100 CLUB MEMBERSHIP Stand season pass book in gilt tooled red cloth named to James Murray in good condition-numbered 99 and three others-numbered 18-20 in near mint condition, unallocated and unsigned (a lot)

  6. Scottish Football Association and The Scottish Football League Correspondence,
    including S.F.A. Official Lists of Clubs and Colours 1961-62, Football League of Ireland Retain and Transfer Lists 1960-61, mint, (English) Football League Retain and Transfer List 1960, mint
    numerous other Transfer and Registration documents and much general correspondence on such issues as; Gate Drawings, Referee Lists, Team Colours and European Fixtures

  7. Third Lanark Athletic Club
    a large lot of general literature relating to the club period 1930s to 1960s, including Reports by The Directors, Shareholder voting slips, correspondence from Supporters Clubs, builders and other service suppliers, approximately three hundred various documents

  8. POSTSCRIPT : All of these separate lots were sold in 2006 for the total sum of : £1635.