Sunday, 15 August 2010

September 2010 Update

The restoration work continues apace! We have now cleared over 300 feet of the surrounding pitch wall and are well on the way to completing Phase One of the refurbishment of Cathkin Park. A start has been made on the terracing but this will require a major clear up before serious restoration can begin. 46 years of undergrowth, rubbish and broken bottles to be removed first!! I have now worn away two knives and 7 wire brushes but the difference is now like night and day. We have cleared a lot of weeds from the running track and will begin painting the walls in the next two weeks. I found this wonderful 'then & now' photo from a magazine article on Cathkin. This is the very section of wall and terrace that I am concentrating on at present. Quite an eerie shot actually, as when I am working on this part I can't help but imagine all of these faces watching me. Weird to actually see it !! Unfortunately I don't have the photographer's name to credit him/her. Great work though! Really gives an idea of how this ground will look again once I have finished this phase. All we need now are the crowds...

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