Monday, 30 May 2011

Latest Restoration Work - May 2011

A major landmark has been reached. The pitch wall has now been completely cleared of moss and grafitti and painted white once again ! This is only the first coat but has transformed the place from a players point of view. Once again the pitch seems enclosed and somehow tighter. We are now restarting from the East Terracing and painting the second coat. By the end of the summer we will have the walls shimmering bright again ! A full season has left the pitch threadbare in places but we'll be reseeding the bald patches and fencing the goal areas off to give the grass a chance to regrow. Meanwhile we have once again turned our attention back to the West Terrace and more moss and rubbish clearance over the past week or so. We painted another two terrace steps and cleared away a lot of the damaged branches last week's storms left behind. We have had a lot of support recently from the local dog walkers and neighbours training at Cathkin Park and I'd like to thank them for their kind words. They have honestly kept me going when I have become disheartened about the huge task ahead and inspired me to continue doing everything I can to save this old stadium.

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  1. Once again for 'one man and his dog' to clear all those trees is going to be like 'pissing in the wind', to restore this ground will take a lot of money by a big company willing to do it. However I really do admire your work and full credit goes for your persistence.