Monday, 23 May 2011

Restoration Latest Update!!

The First XI versus Jordanhill last month !!

Despite the showery weather here over the past few weeks the work has continued. Doing about 7-8 hours every week still and finally getting somewhere! There is only 20 feet left of the pitch wall to clear and paint which I expect to have completed next week. This will be a major milestone, but will immediately begin on the second coat as already it's needing done again ! But at least a base protective coat has been applied and will ensure that no more rot gets into the concrete. Summer is in full bloom now and the terracing and trees have turned Cathkin olive green again. Picturesque but makes one aware of how much work we still have to do !
We will also be fixing up the breaches in the walls with concrete during this summer which will radically improve the look of the walls,which look like a series of broken teeth at present !

These are a selection of shots taken in late April and May 2011, showing the progress we have made in turning the old place around. A big hello to all the fans from Manchester United, Celtic, Motherwell, Queens Park and Partick Thistle I have met down at Cathkin recently, all of whom were on their very own pilgrimage to the REAL home of Scottish football. All of them had read of our plans for the ground and wished us the best of luck. And a special mention to Chic Mackie who is one of Scotland's best - known Cycle Speedway racers. He has been working away on the track at the Myrtle Park Road Entrance and it is looking great again. He has just returned from the Over 40s World Championships in the USA, where he came 9th. Not bad going considering he's over 70 !! We are planning a joint event in October 2011, which will bring back this exhilirating old sport to it's original home of Cathkin Park. Chic will be the focus of a special interview nearer the time, so watch this space. We have some great news coming up regarding sponsorship and will feature an overview on our First XI season in the 2nd Division. Promotion has eluded us but the lads deserve a lot of credit for more than holding their own in their first season in this league and most importantly to the Board, by playing attractive football. The new website is being put together and is looking great. Thanks to Mark Downie at for his sterling work so far.

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