Saturday, 28 May 2011

Want to Play For Third Lanark ???????

Great News ! We are launching another Adult team next season to play in the Sunday League.

We'll be holding trials and training sessions throughout the summer and would like to hear from anyone of any age who just fancies playing 11-a-side old skool football on grass parks with nets...the REAL game. If you are dying to get the boots back on then get in touch on: regardless of talent or fitness. Football should be fun, first and foremost and our whole ethos is about encouraging an active and healthy lifestyle and just getting out there and playing !If you fancy coming along we will be playing and training in Glasgow. Don't forget we have a good standard in the First XI and there will always be room for good players to rise through the ranks. So if you would like to wear the famous scarlet shirt of the 3rd Lanarkshire Rifle Volunteers Football Club, and play in the shadows of the likes of Harley, Hilley,Gray,Goodfellow,Brownlie,Wilson,Robertson,MacLeod,Mason,Dewar and Tom Maley,now your chance has come...

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